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How to use the lexicon ?

The lexicon is divided in 5 parts: one for each types of cards, one about Lolita and EGL and one about me and this game

You will mainly use it to search what the raptor dance is.

  • Action
  • Quizz
  • Event
  • Okay but wtf is EGL ?
  • Lolitadventure and its own adventure

Action cards

This section will link to explicative exemples of the forfeits, it's ordered by key words.
for exemple, if you really don't see what a squat is, it'll take you the the squat's wikihow page

Quizz cards

This section will explain why some questions have this answers
For the moment, it contain only the cards that had created some debate within my beta-testers so if you
don't find your question here please contact me and I'll add it here.

Lolitadventure, what an adventure !

Oh yeah ! Time to talk about me !! I'm Marie, I have a little sister named Pauline (off-topic but she's so cute !!!). In 2020, it would be 2 years that I work on lolitadventure ! Firstly a simple game created for a tiny tea-party where you picked some "discussion cards" like "what's your favorite dress ?" our "are more bows or flowers ?" then a board game with a completly different design :

(Yep, that was really ugly, I'm really not a good designer lol)

At that time, I was in a "geek" association, we played video games, juged cosplays, watched animes but what I loved the moset was the boardgames branch. I really love boardgames : there are fun and make you sociable, so why not take on at Tea-Party ?. Then why not create a lolita boardgame ? The first one was a total fun ! And then began my troubles. I began to annoy everyone with this game : the geek association, my boyfriend at this time, my friends, buddys, innoncent people that never asked anything, lolitas that just wanted some tea... The paper version had even an Ulule (a french kickstarter) ! And now a site ! That baby, I did myself, I'm only a beginner and used technoligies are not... the younger ones (well I used Laravel for server side so I guess it's okay (F*ck you Symphony users, I love Laravel more !)). The code is a little spaghetti But it's better than anything (And, if you ask me, I really did a good job) ! You can play with every lolitas around the globe with this site!! (By the way a site does'nt pay by itself, here my tipeee if want to help me maintain it) I really want to thank you to play ! I hope that you like it ! If you do, let me know !!